Do You Need Content Curation For Your Business?

Your business is doing everything it can to get noticed.  It feels like you have to be EVERYWHERE, and the second you feel comfortable on one platform, another new shiny toy pops up. (Periscope come to mind.)


It’s so hard to keep up, and on top of being available on every channel, at every waking hour, you’re also tasked with “writing epic content” and publishing as fast as you can.

You need more content, and on top of that, you need people to share your content.

Enter content curation.  Use it strategically, and this simple marketing tactic can help grow your business by highlighting your brand as a useful, helpful, practical, and sustainable place to find solutions to problems.


Today, we use the internet, social media, blogs, and other online forums to share that useful and helpful information.

Think about how much easier this has made our lives! Using the internet to share:

  • Is faster
  • Makes it easier to find and share content
  • Provides scale at mass — we can send to many people at once


Curating content meets the inherent needs consumers have, and if used wisely, can help you move your content as well.


Benefits Of Content Curation

If one of your biggest headaches as a business owner is producing enough content, then content curation can be one way in which you can feed the proverbial beast.

Not only does it help with the acquisition of new community or audience members, it:

  • can help generate leads
  • can assist with authority and influence
  • helps supplement your need for producing content (but notreplace it!)
  • may provide context for the solutions your company provides to customers


and more!


At WGSolutions we do the content curation so you can concentrate on growing your business.  We will put together a customized daily “newspaper” featuring timely news items that are tailored to your business and industry.  This can be shared through email, social media, the company blog and more.  All for a very reasonable price.

We would be happy to put together a sample for your perusal!

If you would like more information, drop us an email or give us a call at 647-271-4375.





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